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Foundation Groundworks

Foundations for extension
Groundworkers for Foundations Extension in Aldershot

Groundworkers for Foundations Extension in Aldershot The Foundations Groundwork team were called in to dig the foundations for an extension in Aldershot The project included marking out, digging footings, concreting the foundations, installing drainage, building up to DPC level and laying the base.

Substation Groundwork Contractors
Preparing Base For Electrical Substation

Preparing Base For Electrical Substation Foundations Groundwork specialise in preparing bases For electrical substations and digging trenches for utilities and connections. See or Substation Groundwork Contractors section for more information Groundworkers for a Substation We are based in Aldershot and we cover a 40 mile radius around this area. This includes but not limited to: […]

Substation Groundwork Contractors
Nationwide Horizontal Directional Drilling

Nationwide Horizontal Directional Drilling We are quite often asked if we can install utilities without having to dig trenches. When this happens we tend to recommend a local Horizontal Directional Drilling Company They do provide a Nationwide Directional Drilling but are also very obliging when it comes to local work within our region If you […]

Groundworks for garden rooms Aldershot
Site Preparation Services

Building Site Preparation Services Foundation Groundworks provide site preparation services prio to new builds or extension construction Abingdon Site Preparation Contractors : Addlestone Site Preparation Contractors : Aldershot Site Preparation Contractors : Ascot Site Preparation Contractors : Aylesbury Site Preparation Contractors : Basingstoke Site Preparation Contractors : Bracknell Site Preparation Contractors : Camberley Site Preparation […]

Substation Groundwork Contractors
Site Clearance Contractors

Building Site Clearance Services Foundations Groundworks provide site clearance services and waste removal Abingdon Site Clearance Contractors : Addlestone Site Clearance Contractors : Aldershot Site Clearance Contractors : Ascot Site Clearance Contractors : Aylesbury Site Clearance Contractors : Basingstoke Site Clearance Contractors : Bracknell Site Clearance Contractors : Camberley Site Clearance Contractors : Chertsey Site […]

Farnham Landscapers
Landscapers in Farnham

Landscapers in Farnham Regent Landscaping is a professional landscaping company that specialises in a range of services including soft landscaping, hard landscaping, garden design, and landscape gardening. With years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we provide tailored solutions to transform outdoor spaces into stunning and functional areas that enhance the beauty and […]

Foundations for extension
Block and Beam Specialists Aldershot

Block and Beam Specialists Aldershot Foundation Groundworks are experts in block and beam foundations. The above photos demonstrate the foundations for a large extension using block and beam flooring prior to the installation of a DPM, insulation and floor screed. ¬† Abingdon : Addlestone : Aldershot : Ascot : Aylesbury : Basingstoke : Bracknell : […]

Groundworks for Garden Rooms

Groundworks for Garden Rooms Due to Covid and a shift in people favouring working from home we have been involved in different projects for home offices, workshops and general garden rooms. From basic concrete bases to basically the groundworks strong enough from a 4 bed fully detached house. Being in the garden sometimes comes with […]

Price for Preparing an Electrical Substation Base
Price for Preparing an Electrical Substation Base

Price to prepare substation base Please contact us for prices on electrical substation bases, foundations for substations and a complete site preparation service for a substation. Substation construction companies. Foundations groundworks regularly install the groundworks for substation bases. We can work alongside an appointed earthing team or we can supply the earthing through our partners. […]

Base Preparation For Modular Substation

Base Preparation for Electrical Substations We specialise in base preparation and foundations for the smaller electrical substations which are often modular units bolted down to pre prepared substation bases. Don’t be misled in to thinking¬† an electrical substation base is the same as an oil tank base or shed base that any local groundwork contactor […]

Electrical Substation Contractors

Electrical Substation Contractors Foundation Groundworks are Aldershot based electrical substation contractors who provide site preparation, foundations, groundworks and base preparation for electrical substations. When it comes to installing an electrical substation the main energy providers like UKPN, SSEN or Western Power Distribution supply the substation unit and install the cabling but it is often left […]

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